Hooks on wires

The hook directly on wires may at first seem less expensive to buy for 5 to 8 mm wires, but when you consider:
at. The damage caused to profiles or tension blocks after a few cloth changes, by anchoring the wires
b. Consequently there are possible tension faults on the cloths, thus shortening their duration
c. Mounting and dismantling difficulties of cloths on screens for your maintenance department, the reason for most of the downtime of your facilities.

It turns out in the end that this is often a false economy costing much more than the gains made on purchase.


Sheet hooks

Sheet hooks are therefore widely used. A multitude of different types exist depending on the screen, the wire diameter, the type of tension….


Direction of the hooks

Some cloths have a working direction. It is necessary to specify the direction of the hooks using the H or B indicators:

  • H: hooks directed upwards in lateral tension
  • B: hooks directed downwards in longitudinal or lateral tension
  • HB: for inverted hooks in longitudinal tension