Under the effect of abrasion, wire cloth products tend to flatten out.

Abrasion is a phenomenon that occurs by the displacement and /or removal of material by particles (e.g. aggregates) under the action of a fixed surface (cloth). Part of the harder surface scratches the softer surface.

In screening, the particles (aggregates) have rotational movements relative to the work surface (the woven wire cloth), which depend on their geometry (crushed, rolled), their mechanical properties, stress conditions (slope, amplitude, speed … of the screen) and interface properties (dry/wet screening, type and nature of the screen cloths used: steel, polyurethane, rubber, etc.).

To allow maximum use of the screening cloth, GIRON provides its customers with different solutions according to the requirements and problems to be solved:
– High resistance steel wire cloths with flat-top surface weave
– High resistance anti-clogging steel wire cloths
– Anti-abrasion synthetic cloths: polyurethane, rubber