Make sure that anti-clogging cloths are properly fitted
It is necessary to take certain precautions when handling anti-clogging cloths to avoid the wires becoming deformed under the effect of an impact or hooking at a sharp angle. This would cause irregularities in the mesh.

So it would be advisable to keep the cloths in their original packaging until used.

As with any tensioned cloth, to obtain the longest period of use, it is necessary to stretch it several times, by turning on the screen for a few seconds between each operation, so that the vibrations even out the tension and allow the cloth to slide over the rubber mounts. The tension must also ensure the adjustment of slight differences in the length of the wires to obtain a perfectly flat-top surface.

As anti-clogging cloths – and Zig-Zag cloths in particular – are highly technical products, our teams are here to help and advise you for their proper implementation.