These cloths are designed for the screening of abrasive materials, as encountered in the mining industries.

Warp and weft wires are preformed before weaving in this instance. They are therefore crimped or notched to weave steel wires up to 20 mm in diameter.

The steel used is primarily high resistance having a carbon content of at least 0.5% and a tensile strength between 900 N/mm² and 2000 N/mm², of course depending on the section of the wire used. Stainless steels are essentially nickel-chromium alloys. They may include variable molybdenum contents according to the environment of use.

To be able to respond in the shortest time to emergency situations, the GIRON company has set up a permanent stock of 12,000 square meters of steel screens, representing about 200 mesh/wire references in the most common square meshes.

This stock allows us to offer same-day shipping for orders submitted before 11 a.m.

Square meshes

Grilgirco (A)

Wire diameter 0.5 to 3 mm

These cloths represent the most elementary forms of preforming, characterised by a sinusoidal crimp to ensure perfect cohesion at intersections and a cut-off grade.
Due to a relatively open closing angle at the crimping level, this type of preforming is obviously particularly sensitive to impacts when there is a large mesh/wire ratio. This is also why this type of cloth is generally limited to the finest cuts.

Standard range: (for any another dimension, please contact us)

  • Meshes :                      0.7 mm ≤ W ≤ 40 mm
  • Wire diameter:                              0.5 mm to 3 mm

Plangirco/Plandur (D)

Wire diameter 4 to 20 mm

These cloths are an evolution of the form of Grilgirco preforming, characterised by a more marked impress at the intersection of each wire.

GIRON preforming ensures better anchoring of the wires in their original positions and thus enables Plangirco cloths to withstand substantial mechanical stresses
without affecting the mesh and provides unmatched durability compared to competing products.

This type of cloth is particularly suitable for larger cuts, particularly in its PLANDUR version (Wire ≥10 mm), which, through the use of a special steel, will resist even greater shocks without breaking.

Standard range: (for any another dimension, please contact us)

  • Meshes :                      7 mm ≤ W ≤ 200 mm
  • Wire diameter:                              4 mm to 20 mm

Plangirco surface plane (E)

Wire diameter 4 to 8mm

These cloths are an ultimate development in the search for maximum durability for traditional steel screens. GIRON guarantees unmatched durability at least 30% higher than any other type of preforming.

By combining a closed-angle stamp and wire die at each intersection, GIRON preforming ensures maximum carryover of material in contact with the screened products and eliminates any risk of relative movement until complete wear.

The Plangirco flat-top surface cloth naturally finds its ideal environment in any medium mesh where cutoff precision and abrasion resistance are crucial.

Plandur flat-top surface versions may also be offered if the screening applications are compatible.

Standard range: (for any another dimension, please contact us)

  • Meshes :                      8 mm ≤ W ≤ 90 mm
  • Wire diameter:                              4 mm to 8 mm

Mailles rectangulaires

Longrilgirco and arched Longrilgirco (LGG)

With their rectangular mesh, these cloths can be effective in improving the flow, reducing pegging or light clogging or be used in bar screening.

The “arched” version maximises the length/width ratio of meshes which may exceed 50.

In this case, anti-clogging performance can be highly worthwhile at a lower cost than specialised meshes in this area (see ant-clogging cloths); however, this version may be slightly less appropriate when looking for a very high cutoff precision.

The use of rectangular meshes should, however, be limited to cases where the flow of flat elements does not affect the sought-after flow-through quality.

Standard range: (for any another dimension, please contact us)

  • Meshes :                      0.4 x 1.2 mm ≤ W ≤ 15 x 153 mm
  • Wire diameter:                              0.5 mm to 3 mm

Lonplangirco / Lonplandur and arched Lonplangirco (LPG)

These cloths have the same functions as Longrilgirco cloths but with a preforming better suited to large or medium cuts.

Production of a flat-top surface is also feasible.

The Lonplandur version corresponds to the use of a steel that is slightly less efficient in pure abrasion but which is more shock-resistant.

Standard range: (for any another dimension, please contact us)

  • Meshes :                      5 x 29 mm ≤ W ≤ 90 x 150 mm
  • Wire diameter:                              4 mm to 16 mm

Planharpe (PLH)


These are different from ARCHED LONGRILGIRCO cloths in that, between the groups of 3 warp wires, the weft wires are straight: thus avoiding skewed flow-through.

As the wires are straight, this removes much of the extension possibilities, reducing the floating of the cloth to a minimum and its premature destruction through a lack of tension.

Standard range: (for any another dimension, please contact us)

  • Meshes :                      1 x 50 mm ≤ W ≤ 12 x 50 mm
  • Wire diameter:                              1 mm to 2.5 mm

Lonmiplan (LMP)

These cloths have an optimised profile essentially reserved for fine or very fine meshes.

Precision: what is distinctive about this rectangular mesh cloth is that its wires are in the same plane between the intersections of warps and wefts.
The warp wires are straight, thus preventing the skewed flow-through of the materials to be screened.

Strength: as a result of the shape of the crimp, the anchoring angle is significantly smaller. The frame is therefore blocked, preventing the fine screening particles from passing between the wires and wearing them through lapping.

The specific preforming of warp and weft wires allows for very precise cutting and good mechanical resistance until completely worn.

Standard range: (for any another dimension, please contact us)

  • Meshes :                      0.26 x 7 mm ≤ W ≤ 6.4 x 13 mm
  • Wire diameter:                              0.5 mm to 2.5 mm

Planfiss (PFS)


These cloths are intended for screening materials producing clogging “fines” during processing (for fertilisers in particular).

Their preforming provides a perfectly flat work surface with parallel wires guaranteeing both excellent cut precision and good mechanical strength.

In addition, the planar surface has the advantage of having fewer fines on soft products.

Standard range: (for any another dimension, please contact us)

  • Meshes:                      0.6 x 25 mm ≤ W ≤ 6 x 25 mm
  • Wire diameter:                              0.5 mm to 2.5 mm